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Unwanted appliances are heavy and can be a major hassle to remove and properly dispose of. Removing an old appliance in San Diego can be challenging because of many restrictions on disposing of certain materials, as well as the heavy lifting required to safely navigate it out of your home without damaging walls and doorways. Luckily, SD Junk Pros is here to help. Whether you’re upgrading an old kitchen appliance or renovating and replacing all your worn-out appliances, our appliance recycling San Diego process is easy and eco-friendly.

Not only will our licensed junk haulers work quickly and efficiently, but they’ll also focus on donating your old appliance if it is still in working condition. They can also properly recycle or reuse your junk to diminish your carbon footprint. We choose the right disposal method for each appliance so you don’t have to stress about it any longer. We can accept and haul:

*We DO NOT remove hazardous waste. 

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We work hard to exceed customer expectations and the value of referrals cannot be overstated. Those that have been satisfied by our junk removal services often become advocates for us, providing word-of-mouth commendations of our quality, service, and overall experience. We are proud to hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to customer satisfaction, and we thank all of those who have made our business what it is today!

These guys came by to pick up our Christmas tree when we had no other way to take it anywhere. Very responsive and professional. I’ll definitely be using them again!
Kaitlyn Daly
Kaitlyn Daly
02:04 26 Jan 23
The guys came out and picked up my huge Xmas tree today and they got the job done quick and efficiently. Price was great and they were very responsive as far as ETA. They were also very friendly and professional. Will 100 percent use them again! Definitely recommend.
Robbie Tha Boss
Robbie Tha Boss
19:57 19 Jan 23
I found Paul through a Google search, because I needed my Christmas tree removed from my apartment. He responded to my inquiry on the same day, and set up a time to come help me out. I had to reschedule with him a couple of times due to some medical issues, and he was really patient and understanding. He actually just left, and the service couldn’t have been better or easier, and the price was extremely reasonable. I have disability issues, and so I really appreciate when I find a business that I know I’ll be able to use in the future to help me do things I can’t do myself.I would highly recommend Paul and his crew!
Erin Oleno
Erin Oleno
18:51 19 Jan 23
Super easy to work with, fair price, and friendly. Highly recommend!
Kevin Girgis
Kevin Girgis
18:44 19 Jan 23
Paul and his co worker were awesome! I called to have my Christmas tree removed and recycled and they were at my building within 10 minutes to pick it up. Only $25 for the pickup and with that kind of service, you can’t beat it. Thank you Paul!
Savvy Kreuzer
Savvy Kreuzer
17:58 19 Jan 23
Amanda Keys
Amanda Keys
20:05 18 Jan 23
SD Junk Pros are the Real Deal! Highly recommend them! Matt and Paul are extremely professional, efficient, and very helpful. Best part is they were very affordable. Don’t look anywhere else; choose SD Junk Pros!
Eric Burch
Eric Burch
16:14 16 Jan 23
I can't praise/compliment Paul and Matt enough for the 2 occasions I have used them/their services:1st time was 4TH OF JULY Saturday 2021 holiday when someone who had stored some business items for me delivered them to my house; heavy spa items on old rotten pallets, leaving all items in street..I needed to find someone on short notice for assistance. Made # of calls to misc Junk removal Companies, none of which were interested on holiday...leaving items in street would be a HUGE problem! Found PAUL and MATT, who came by, helped me move heavy items off pallets into garage and took away old long pallets, and did so @ very reasonable pricing! Able to get it done when NO ONE ELSE was interested, stress and junk removed, had my holiday, met the nicest guys and would only use them if needed ever again!2nd time was recently, 3 visits over the past 2 weeks, needing old broken clothes dryer and other trash/garbage removed from garage and backyard, left by someone who stayed in my house, while I was away for 1 month...they damaged many things, stored their garbage on my property, and left it there, leaving before my return, depressing me and stressing me greatly...also SAN DIEGO city gov also wanted misc vegetation removed as well....I called SD JUNK PROS, and arranged with them to do both cleanups and removals...which they did perfectly, professionally and with great pleasant personal friendship, actually! They work hard, steady, are completely honest and trustworthy, and in my opinion, are the BEST folks and COMPANY to hire for any cleanup and removal anyone would need! I found their pricing on both jobs to be very reasonable, and they got the cleanup done quickly and thoroughly! They are licensed and insured, and have to compete with single guys in funky trucks, uninsured, who I would not want around my house! THEY ARE THE BEST AND WISEST CHOICE in my opinion and experience! MY ADVICE: HIRE THEM for COMPLETE SATISFACTION!
David Wasserman
David Wasserman
05:47 05 Jan 23
We’re moving cross country and had so much stuff left after the movers had gone. SD junk pros were able to come the next day, got EVERYTHING- all the junk and even stuff that I would have ideally tossed before they got here. They were friendly and I felt safe letting them into my home.Would definitely recommend!
Charlotte Stone
Charlotte Stone
20:55 03 Jan 23


From stoves to washing machines and dryers and everything in between, nothing lasts forever – eventually, your appliances will stop functioning properly and need to be replaced. Luckily, upgrading those appliances has never been easier in San Diego CA. Just leave it to SD Junk Pros. Our process is easy, safe, and eco-friendly. We do our best to donate and recycle as often as possible in an effort to do our part in preserving the environment. Schedule your appliance pickup San Diego service today and leave the heavy lifting to us!

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Your kitchen is a centerpiece of your home, so functioning appliances are a must. However, those kitchen appliances are bulky, heavy, and difficult to maneuver making them a hassle to remove and replace. Fortunately, with our refrigerator pickup San Diego services, our pros can safely remove and dispose of your old appliances so you can enjoy your new ones. With our reliable refrigerator haul away San Diego services, trust your fridge will be quickly removed without any messes left behind. We can:

washer and dryer removal san diego


Need a new washer and dryer? Removing the old setup can be daunting. Washers can harbor water that hasn’t fully drained making them extremely heavy and finding a place to dispose of the appliances is an even bigger hassle. Let us take care of them with our washer and dryer removal San Diego services so you can get back to enjoying your new setup. Our process is simple:

water heater recycle san diego


If you’re looking for top-of-the-line water heater recycle San Diego, then you’re in luck! Our team of seasoned professionals in San Diego, California has years of experience and knows precisely how to remove your outdated unit quickly and efficiently. Plus, we’ll haul it away and recycle the materials so you don’t have to worry about a thing! You can depend on SD Junk Removal for:

Top-Rated applicance removal San Diego



Facing the challenge of getting rid of old appliances can often seem daunting, as we’re all aware of how tedious and sometimes overwhelming it can be. All that unused equipment or broken items piling up around the home or office takes up valuable space and weighs down on our lives. But don’t worry – if you’ve reached the point where enough is enough, our professional appliance recycling San Diego team is here to help! We can offer fast and reliable services for all your appliance removal and appliance recycling San Diego needs – whether it’s residential or commercial, large items or small. 

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and top-notch junk removal services for all of our clients in the San Diego county. We focus on affordability and efficiency in order to get each job done in a timely manner without compromising quality or professionalism. So, make sure your space is ready for those new, upgraded appliances by reaching out to our appliance removal San Diego experts today.

Frequently asked Questions

Do you have a junk removal question? We’ve got answers! Learn more below or reach out for any additional questions you may have!

Many appliances such as window air conditioning units or refrigerators are equipped with various parts that require special disposal methods. These types of appliances may contain CFC or HCFC refrigerants or foam that are ODS (ozone-depleting substances). These substances, if released into the air, are potent greenhouse gases that can destroy the ozone layer. If you want these appliances removed, it's important to have a trusted refrigerator removal San Diego professional nearby. In addition, many household appliances contain PCB capacitors, used oil, and mercury and should be disposed of safely by trained refrigerator recycling San Diego professionals.

Easy! Just call the professionals at SD Junk Pros today and schedule a pickup. We can haul your appliance to the appropriate location for proper disposal, so you don’t have to worry!

We evaluate each job on a case-by-case basis and provide a no-obligation estimate so you know just what to expect. We then work with you to schedule your appliance pickup within the same or the next day. 

We ask that you have your appliance fully disconnected before our arrival as we do not do any type of disconnection services for electrical appliances. 

We donate any functioning appliances and recycle as much as possible from appliances that no longer work properly. The landfill is our absolute last choice for disposal as we focus our efforts to environmentally friendly methods.

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At SD Junk Pros, we always strive to provide the best customer service possible. We understand that the process of searching for the right Junk Removal San Diego team can be daunting and feel overwhelming — from researching options online to scheduling in-person appointments — but our talented team of junk enthusiasts is here to help make the process as stress-free and painless as possible. From National City to Oceanside and all areas in between, we’ve got you covered for all your junk removal and decluttering needs!