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Residential Junk Removal in San Diego

Residential Junk Removal in San Diego

SD Junk Pros has been offering low-cost and hassle-free residential junk removal services in San Diego for years! Just give us a call to schedule a pick-up we’ll make sure your junk is disposed of quickly and responsibly. We are dedicated to providing our customers with green junk hauling solutions and always do our best to recycle your junk before simply dropping it off at the dump.

Our experienced team of junk hauling professionals offer a number of different residential junk removal services in San Diego, including:

  1. Residential junk hauling services for large and bulky junk you may be trying to get rid of, but are unable to haul yourself,
  2. House cleanouts for homeowners and tenants who need to do a little “spring cleaning”, free up additional space in their homes, or prepare for an upcoming move,
  3. Property cleanouts for landlords, real estate agents, and property managers who may need furniture or a previous tenant’s leftover junk removed from a vacant unit, and
  4. Trash removal for those big yard, home remodeling or cleaning projects.

Residential Junk Removal Experts

As San Diego’s trusted junk hauling professionals, we also specialize in the following residential junk removal services:

  • Property cleanout services: Has a previous tenant left one of your units full of their unwanted junk? As property owners, real estate agents, and landlords, we understand your time is extremely valuable and the hassle of cleaning out a unit, loading, and transporting junk to a landfill is something you’d like to avoid. We have provided San Diego property management companies and landlords with property cleanout services for years and are familiar with the steps needed to get a vacant unit ready for lease. Just give us a call and we’ll have one of our experienced junk hauling professionals clear that junk out of your vacant unit, so you can get your unit prepped and ready for rental as quickly as possible.
  • House cleanout services: Whether it’s spring cleaning or whole house cleanouts, SD Junk Pros can help you get the peace-of-mind that comes with having a clutter-free house. Our junk hauling experts have years of experience helping homeowners, tenants, landlords, and property managers with simple and cost-effective alternative to cleaning out, loading, and hauling the junk yourself. Just give us a call and one of our junk hauling experts can schedule a pick-up. When our technician arrives at your location, just tell them what you’d like hauled away and that’s it. Don’t hassle with getting a permit for a costly dumpster or risk injuring yourself hauling heavy, and potentially dangerous, junk. Let the junk pros do it!
  • Construction debris removal: Are you the type that likes to take care of those home repairs yourself? We get it. There’s nothing more rewarding than the satisfaction that comes with personally renovating your house. When you take on these projects yourself, however, you are limited to two options:

1. haul the junk away yourself, or

2. put a dumpster on your property

While hauling away junk yourself seems like a reasonable option, you can cause damage to yourself, or your vehicle, and have to waste your valuable time scouting out a proper place for you to dump your junk. The second option, putting a dumpster on your property, will cost you money (to rent the dumpster) and may require a permit.

Experienced and Professional Residential Junk Hauling

By hiring a trusted and experienced residential junk hauling company, like SD Junk Pros, there’s no need to hurt yourself, your vehicle or hassle with the permit process. Simply give us a call, set an appointment, and we’ll dispose of your construction debris quickly and responsibly.

SD Junk Pros has been providing low-cost and hassle-free junk removal for homeowners, tenants, landlords, and property management companies for years. Our residential junk removal experts are well-versed in all aspects of residential junk hauling and are here to help you quickly, safely, and sustainably remove your unwanted items. Call SD Junk Pros today to learn more!