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A yard full of garbage, old furniture, dead plants, and other unused items is not just an eyesore – it takes away your valuable outdoor living space and ruins potential property value. Luckily, SD Junk Pros are here to help you tackle this issue and reclaim your lawn even on short notice! Our team of certified San Diego yard clean up professionals comes armed with large junk removal trucks that can deal with the full range of yard waste, allowing you to have a beautifully clutter-free outdoor area that increases in both aesthetics and monetary value. Wondering how much it would cost? Don’t worry – call us for a free estimate on our yard clean up San Diego services!

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We work hard to exceed customer expectations and the value of referrals cannot be overstated. Those that have been satisfied by our junk removal services often become advocates for us, providing word-of-mouth commendations of our quality, service, and overall experience. We are proud to hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to customer satisfaction, and we thank all of those who have made our business what it is today!

Easy to schedule and quick removal of two large reclining couches. They were great to work with! Definitely recommend SD Junk pros and will use again in the future
If you’re looking for a thorough and quick service - SD Junk Pros is it!I typically spend a lot of time researching, reading reviews and comparing prices. When I contacted this company I received a response from Matt within MINUTES. They arrived on time which, as a parent of two little ones, is a big deal. Additionally, they were in and out within 10 minutes.Usually with very fast service, you lose the element of it feeling personable or friendly. But in this case - they found the formula. My fiancé who loves complaining about “customer service these days” immediately complemented how great theirs was. Professional, friendly, and diligent.I will absolutely be using them for all my future removal needs. 100% recommend them for yours.
What can say… these guys are best. Personal and professional. I have used their services 3 times! I have before and after photos of the junk removal.
Molyvann Boula
Molyvann Boula
they are absolutely amazing, me and my partner were headaches about how to clear the years junk that were collected in the garage, so that we can build a home gym. SD junk pros removed all the junks, broken bed, mattress and so much more.They arrive and start the work right away, i can't appreciate enough; they are the pro, and they even cleaned up. 100%recommended, if you are doing spring cleaning, you don't need to seek further, they are the best in town. hands down
Kit Sitou
Kit Sitou
Great service! They were super quick and got all of our stuff out with ease. Super friendly guys and great communication. We'll absolutely use them again. Highly recommend.
Stuart Platt
Stuart Platt
The company was great. Gave a spot on estimate with photos sent. Nice people and made quick work of the items. Friendly, local, quick! Thanks for making it easy!
b w
b w
Paul and his crew did a great job helping clean out a home we were renovating for sale. Extremely helpful with very friendly service, and reasonable rates. Worth it just to avoid the headaches dealing with scheduling your local trash hauling company to pick up large items.
Travis Downing
Travis Downing
These gentlemen are quick, efficient, and professional. Will use them again!!
Jeannie Leauma
Jeannie Leauma
I recently used SD Junk Pros to remove some items I needed to get rid of, and could not be more happier with the experience. From start to finish everything was smooth and efficient.The team was friendly and professional and worked quickly to remove my items. They even swept up afterwards to make sure everything was clean. This was unexpected and very much appreciated.Overall, I was extremely impressed with thier services. They made a daunting task seem effortless, and I highly recommend them to anyone needing a reliable and efficient junk removal service no matter the size.Thank you SD Junk Pros for your excellent service. I will certainly be a returning customer in the future.Elizabeth

Exceptional Service with the Environment in Mind

It’s no secret that our environment is rapidly deteriorating, but you can do your part to help! Did you know that disposing of yard waste and junk in an eco-friendly way through all the seasons is one of the best ways to contribute to a cleaner tomorrow? Instead of just sending discarded items off to a landfill, our locally owned company looks toward junk hauling, reusing and recycling as a more sustainable alternative. So if you’re committed to doing your part, then the top-notch San Diego yard clean up service you need is SD Junk Pros! 



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Structures can provide beautiful escapes in your outdoor space or provide storage, however, they can become rotten and run-down after years of use. Let us disassemble and remove your structures so you can free up space and reinvent your landscape. We can remove:

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yard clean up and green WASTE removal

Landscapes are gorgeous additions to any home but can be a hassle to keep tidy. This includes anything that might be cluttering up your yard and making it difficult to enjoy the view. From lawn mowing to back yard waste removal, we got you covered. Contact us today for a free quote on our San Diego yard clean up services.

Whether it’s a small or huge pile, we do an excellent job at hauling away anything from old mulch to leaves and branches including:

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Needing to replace your outdoor furniture or equipment, but have no clue what to do with your old setup? Call SD Junk Pros today to learn about all the items we remove including:

Top-Rated YARD CLEAN UP & GREEN WASTE removal San Diego

Excellent Customer Service is our specialty

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At SD Junk Pros, we don’t just handle the bustle of junk removal — we help restore your yard to the oasis it is meant to be with our top-notch San Diego yard clean up services. Whatever yard work you have for us, our experienced yard clean up San Diego crew knows what it takes to make sure each task is completed to the highest standard so that each San Diego CAcustomer is left fully satisfied with their 5-star experience. Above all else, we strive to exceed your expectations and help you turn your outdoor space into an organized and clutter-free escape. After all, clearing away junk is often the first step in achieving desired landscape objectives — and why not do that with a hassle-free San Diego yard clean up service? With us, you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting the best services on the market!

Frequently asked Questions

Do you have a junk removal question? We’ve got answers! Learn more below or reach out for any additional questions you may have!

What types of waste do you remove?

We remove all types of waste from old appliances and cars or swing sets and decks, to landscape waste. We do it all!

Is there a limit to how much you can remove?

Not at all! We have a team of professionals and a multitude of vehicles for hauling which means no project is too large for our junk removal San Diego experts.

What can I expect the price to be?

We customize pricing for each project as each service is unique. The number of items, size of the items, and difficulty removing them will all play an important role in determining the cost of a project. 

Do you remove old junk or vehicles?

Absolutely! We remove all types of waste from lawns including debris, old appliances, cars, and parts. If you have something we haven’t listed, give us a call and we can schedule a free consultation!

How soon can you schedule my junk removal services?

We can schedule your project as soon as the next day, so you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible!

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