Junk Hauling In San Diego During COVID-19

Junk Hauling in San Diego During COVID-19

The growing concern for Coronavirus in California has changed so much of what we do.

More people than ever before are working at home, kids are completing coursework online, and, in general, families are spending much more time at home than they would otherwise. With all of this additional time at home, many people are finding rooms throughout our homes appearing smaller and smaller and those piles of unwanted junk getting bigger and bigger. As such, many have taken to DIY home projects and “spring cleaning” to declutter our homes and create more “live-able” space. But what do we do when we’re ready to get rid of all those things we want to get out of the house?

Luckily, SD Junk Pros is here to help. As a ‘necessary’ business, we are open during these difficult times to make sure you can still haul away unneeded junk if, and when, you need to.

Residential junk removal for COVID-19

The safety of our employees, as well as, clients (and their families) has always been at the forefront of what we do. And with all the concern surrounding COVID-19 and other cold and flu viruses, SD Junk Pros has implemented additional safety precautions to ensure we minimize any potential risks to our clients’ health. In addition to following all the recommendations outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), local, and state governments. SD Junk Pros is taking additional steps to minimize any risks to you and your family, like:

  • Virtual Junk Hauling Estimates: SD Junk Pros is now providing clients with quotes on junk hauling via FaceTime. If FaceTime isn’t your thing, just email us photos of what you’d like us to haul.
  • Touchless pickup: We are dedicated to ‘lowering the curve’ and will maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from all of our clients, at all times. Still need a little more space? Just leave those items you’d like hauled away outside and one of our experienced junk haulers will take care of the rest.
  • Remote payment: There’s no need to pay us in person. You can now pay for commercial and residential junk hauling SD Junk Pros with a credit card over the phone or with Venmo and PayPal.
  • Protective gear: All of our experienced junk hauling technicians are equipped with gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer to minimize to make sure you’re protected.
  • Daily Health Checks for Junk Pros: All of our technicians get their temperature checked daily to ensure they are healthy and minimizing potential risks to clients.

In addition, SD Junk Pros will continue to monitor updates from both the government and CDC to ensure we are taking the appropriate precautions. We firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to put yourself at risk unnecessarily and are dedicated to providing you the safest junk-hauling solutions in San Diego.

San Diego’s Junk Hauling Professionals

Whether it’s hauling away the ‘give-away’ pile that’s left over after cleaning out the closet or those odd’s and end’s cleared out of your newly created garage-office, we can help you load, haul, and recycle or dispose you unwanted items without you ever needing to leave the house. We can even take care of debris from DIY home projects, property unit and house clean-outs, and trash removal.

Whatever your needs may be, SD Junk Pros can provide you with the most professional, affordable, and safe junk removal in San Diego. Contact us today to learn more about “touchless” pick-up and all of our other ‘social-distancing friendly’ junk hauling solutions for COVID-19.